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A Time Capsule - The First Post

Uppdaterat: 4 nov. 2022

Hello readers. I was considering making the first post be about what will now be the second article, but I figured it would be appropriate to make a very short introduction post. My name is Rim and I like writing stuff, that's all there's really to know about me. I plan this to be a rather impersonal blog, e.g thin on personal experiences and more about whatever piques my interest/grinds my gears a particular week. However, this whole blog is really unserious so I doubt that I'll dogmatically follow any self-imposed restrictions.

What inspired me to start writing this blog was a weekly reflection task we were assigned in one of my marketing courses. It was pretty fun but quite limiting as I always had to refer to concepts and terminology from course literature. I ranted about it to my friend and he suggested that I should start a blog, and here I am.

Picture of me after skydiving for the first time. It was pretty dope.

So what about the nonsensical headline? Well, I have an awful tendency to abandon my silly ideas after starting them. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda hyped about doing this blog but I know that consistency is not my strongest suit. (If a future employer is reading this though, take that statement with a grain of salt). In any case, it will be fun reading this after a year and see if something comes out of this. Worst case scenario, it'll be a short-lived but instructive exercise in expressful writing. With that said, no matter the outcome I suppose that this will be a time capsule of sorts.

Due to the very unserious nature of this blog, I suppose it's worth mentioning that I'll upload articles when I feel to do so and that I won't be covering any controversial topics (I mean, the second coming article is about how Orcas are majestic as frick). Anyways, I hope this introduction sufficed because I have nothing more to say about this topic.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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